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Weightloss Product Consult

Lara introduced me to an all-natural line of products in July 2015. She had lost a lot of weight and I asked what she was doing, I was very interested in losing weight. A few months later, I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a try. 

I started taking two products she recommended and in three months I lost 21 pounds! I also had no more cravings for sweets and no caffeine cravings! I felt great and also looked great! I weighed 164 pounds before I began. In December 2015 I weighed 143 Pounds!

When taking these specific products I didn't exercise and I wasn't on a diet or watched what I ate. When I did eat, it helped control my hunger.

As of today, I am no longer taking the products and I'm still 143 pounds!

I believed in these products so much that a few months after I started, I joined Lara's team. I didn't stay long because with my full-time job, two smal children and online classes, it got too much for me, but it can be done! Lara is a perfect example of one of these successful people that has a thriving team. She is very knowledgeable about these products and can help you with any questions that you might have. I would like to start taking the products again when I am able to and will definitely contact Lara when I do!