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Let's start down your path to better health.

What we offer

  • Nutritional Consulting

  • Medically-Approved Programs for Diabetes, Gout, Seniors, & Weight Loss for Health

  • Personalized Supplement Consultations

Nutritional Consulting

Work with Lara O., Certified Holistic Nutritionist, to identify your wellness goals and build a personalized plan to reach them.  Lara works with adults, children and families to address wellness concerns and provides the support and resources you may need on your sustainable journey to better nutritional health.  For more information, click the Let's Get Started button and schedule your free 15 minute consultation today! 

Medically Approved Programs

Medically-approved meal plans and products now available. These simple easy-to-follow plans allow you to meet your optimal health goals, while learning sustainable healthy habits and having continual support along the way. Plans are available for Diabetes, Gout, Nursing Mothers, Teens, Seniors, and Weight Loss for Optimal Health. Contact us today to see if one of these plans is right for you. Weekly and bi-weekly followups are part of these programs .

Personalized Supplement Consultation

We promote meeting your wellness goals using a whole foods approach, however, you may find it useful to add supplements to your daily lifestyle to help support you on your journey to better health. 

Lara O. supports all natural, quality ingredient lines of products. For a complimentary product consultation about lifestyle, detoxification, energy, and weight loss products, click the Let's Get Started button.